Artist Logo

From Seeds To Flowers
Client:  Small business owner, 2020
My Role:  Logo designer
Team Members:  Artist, designer


I undertook a logo project for a talented local artist seeking to establish a strong brand identity. The artist's vision was to capture the essence of their artistry, which encompasses vibrant colors in functional pottery.

First I learned of the artists unique style, preferences, and target audience. By understanding their goals, I gained valuable insights that guided the logo design process.

Next, I meticulously crafted several logo concepts. After collaborative discussions and revisions, we refined the designs to perfection. The final logo showcased the artist's whimsey while maintaining a professional and memorable image.
image She confidently incorporated the logo into her social media platforms, and promotional materials. The logo project succeeded in providing the local artist with a visually compelling and cohesive brand presence that continues to elevate her art to new heights.
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