Fashion Digital Marketing

Maggy London International
Client:  Maggy London International, 2018
My Role:  Marketing, UI Design, photo retouching
Team members:  COO, head of marketing, social media manager, content designer


Maggy London's goal is to promote women empowerment through classic and timeless fashion. I designed email templates and social media content for Maggy London brands and partner brands. In congruence with these responsibilities, I also retouched product and editorial photography and made minor improvements to the e-commerce website.

Size Chart Improvements

The redesigned dress size chart had a significant impact on customers' shopping experience. The previous size chart was often confusing and led to a higher rate of returns and customer dissatisfaction. However, after implementing the new size chart, we observed many improvements.

Firstly, the revised size chart simplified the size selection process, resulting in increased customer confidence in their purchases. By providing clearer labels and dynamic charts, customers were able to easily determine the best fit, leading to a reduction in the number of incorrect size selections.

Secondly, the new chart positively affected Maggy London's return rate. With more customers choosing the right size from the start, there was a noticeable decline in the volume of returned items due to sizing issues. This not only saved our customers time and frustration but also reduced operational costs associated with returns processing.

The impact of the size chart redesign extended to the conversion rate. The newfound ease in finding the right size encouraged customers to proceed with their purchases confidently, leading to a noticeable uptick in completed transactions and overall sales.
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Color correction product and editorial photography

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Maggy London promotional email template


London Times promotional email